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This was a fantastic opportunity for PhD students from the University of Brighton and Royal Holloway, University of London, to participate in one of only six new AHRC-funded, organisation-led awards to support collaborative skills development initiatives. Initially the call went out to PhD students at both universities who had not yet passed the Transfer (or equivalent) stage of their doctorate.

In total, 45 Phd students and 16 Early Career Researchers (ECRs) benefitted from at least one ARENA event.

 The following students formed the “core” participants in the programme:

Bergit Arends (Royal Holloway)

Curating Art and Environment in the Age of the Anthropocene

John Barlow (Brighton)

New Perceptions of the environment: themes of landscape, travel and tourism in contemporary art

Elizabeth Bennett (Royal Holloway)

Performing Landscapes: Biography, Affect, Presence and Absence

Katie Boxall (Royal Holloway)

Writing Taking Place: Cultural Geographies of Dyslexic Creative Writers and Writing Practice

Liz Bruchet (Brighton)

Curatorial Practice and the Archive

Kimberley Chandler (Brighton)

Skeuomorphism and design in understanding the digital future: the crafting of metaphor in modern material culture

Anja Crabb (Brighton)

The future shape of design – a toolkit for longer-lasting material experiences

Bahar Khayamian Esfahani (Brighton)

Skin cancer prevention in young males through design and technology

Gavin Fry (Brighton)

What were the reasons some men elected to make art textiles during the 1980s in Britain?

Aycan Garip (Brighton)

And then there was art: art interventions in Public Spaces

Cara Gray (Royal Holloway)

Amateur Dramatics in Urban Utopias: Performing Place and the Materialities of Performance.

Russell Heywood (Brighton)

“The Doom of Clowns”: a novel and commentary

Uschi Klein (Brighton)

The photographic practices of young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Jayne Lloyd (Royal Holloway)

The Social, Aesthetic and Environmental Affect of Arts Practices with People with Dementia Living in Care Settings

Emma Miles (Royal Holloway)

Theatre for Early Years Audiences and Pedagogy: An Ethnographic Case Study of Young Children’s Theatre Experiences

Lujain Mirza (Brighton)

A Co-Production Approach Through the Medium of Photography Exploring Self-Identity and Independency of Saudi Women

Melaneia Warwick (Brighton)

Inclusive Arts and Meaningful Engagement for Adults with PMLD

Arts Research Enrichment Activities




Students, curators, artists, community groups, charities and scholars engaged in research.



Work on the hermeneutics of contemporary culture demands collaborative sensibilities and an awareness of the subtleties of co-production.



The process of making meaning from direct experience.

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