MasterClass 2: Professor Yve Lomax – an introduction by Professor Tomlinson

Dear ARENA Participants

We’re reconvening at MasterClass2 in Bloomsbury/London next week, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Professor Lomax has provided, as you know, 4 readings/texts, listed below, for the MasterClass. As you read, or reread the pieces, it would be worth thinking about them in the order in which they are listed, though not at the expense of an integrated response to them taken as a whole. They will be the focus of the morning session and open up many questions concerning the nature of interpretation and the place of the interpretive act in relation to subjectivity, experience and analysis – huge issues in relation to the hermeneutic task and the practice of critique.

At the beginning of the afternoon, Professor Lomax will make a ‘spoken performance’, and this will be filmed, and some of your/our responses also sought, for a feature on the ARENA website. I trust that the presence of a sensitive and experienced film-maker will not be a problem and will not inhibit the kind of responses from participants that are the stuff of productive and fruitful MasterClass sessions.


Alan, October 8th 2014

Examples, species and figures: presupposition in question

Professor Yve Lomax MasterClass, ARENA Programme, 16 October 2014, Bloomsbury/London


Selected texts:

  1. ‘A single grain of corn and a song of immanence’, chapter 3 from Sounding the Event (I.B.Tauris, 2000) pp38–79 (p188 for citations and reeferences).
  2. ‘Besides/In a paradigmatic way, article in Journal of Visual Arts Practice, Vol 7. No.3 (Intellect 2008) pp205–212.
  3. Take 19, Take 20, Take 21, Take 23, from Passionate Being (I.B.Tauris, 2010) pp 87–107.
  4. ‘Beautiful’, chapter 4 from Pure Means (Paraclete, Copy Press, 2013) pp 81–96.


Spoken performance 30 mins:

Figures, Problem

And finally, the opportunity to discuss your own particular projects in light of the day’s themes.

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