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MasterClass 2: Professor Yve Lomax – an introduction by Professor Tomlinson

Dear ARENA Participants We’re reconvening at MasterClass2 in Bloomsbury/London next week, and I look forward to seeing you there. Professor Lomax has provided, as you know, 4 readings/texts, listed below, for the MasterClass. As you read, or reread the pieces, it would be worth thinking about them in the order in which they are listed,…

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MasterClass 1: Dr Etienne Wenger – follow-up discussion

A word from Professor Alan Tomlinson: Thanks to all of you who got to Etienne Wenger’s MasterClass on Monday, truly kicking off the ARENA programme. It would be really interesting to hear how his thinking and his ways of theorising communities of practice and landscapes of learning, and identifying convening/conveyors within the theory, have illuminated…

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